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Четверг, 25.02.2021, 16:41
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If That's What You Need

If That's What You Need

Talking makes us human,
That's what I was told,
So why do I find it so difficult
To let my feelings unfold?
Had I the courage to tell you,
I'd promise you this

If that's what you need,
I'll be the river,
I'll be the mountain always beside you,
If that's what you need,
I will be stronger,
I will be braver than ever before.

When you came along
And turned it all around,
I promised myself I wouldn't tell you
Until we stood on solid ground,
Holding the candle between us,
I'll tell you this

And if there's any kind of danger,
I hear you calling out my name,
You can follow in my footsteps
And I will lead you safely back again

I never understood you,
However hard I tried,
But it took me a while until I realised
That all the problems were mine,
Holding you nearer to me
To tell you this

And when things go wrong,
I'll be your conscience
There to remind you, all of your life.
When you go wrong,
I'll be the reason
You'll be protected all of your days

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