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Понедельник, 17.05.2021, 07:13
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Way of the World

Way of the World

If you take the tears from crying eyes
Will the hurt just disappear?
Put a weapon in the hands
Of a frightened man,
Will he show no fear?
So we stand and we watch
As the city lights go out one by one,
Mother Nature sits on the other side
With a loaded gun.

Why is the blue sky?
Why is the red sky?
Now's the time to ask the reason.
Should the blue sky
Meet the red sky,
Should the rules have to change at all?
We all know, whatever they say,
Time is on our side,
This world has been here before
Just going round and round.
We all agree, as far as we can see,
It's just the way of the world,
That's how it's meant to be,
There's right and there's wrong,
There's weak and there's strong,
It's just the way of the world,
And that's how it's meant to be.

Take the motion from a spinning wheel And watch it stop,
Take the danger out of a naked flame
And what have you got?
If you take the anger
Out of a broken heart,
You feel no pain,
Could you swear
If you had that second chance
You wouldn't do it again?

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