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Uriah Heep - Lady in Black (music video)

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Описание материала:

She came to me one morningOne lonely Sunday morningHer long hair flowingIn the midwinter windI know not how she found meFor in darkness I was walkingAnd destruction lay around meFrom a fight I could not winShe asked me name my foe thenI said the need within some menTo fight and kill their brothersWithout thought of love or GodAnd I begged her give me horsesTo trample down my enemiesSo eager was my passionTo devour this waste of lifeBut she wouldn't think of battle thatReduces men to animalsSo easy to beginAnd yet impossible to endFor she's the mother of all menWho counselled me so wisely thenI feared to walk alone againAnd asked if she would stayOh lady lend your hand outrightAnd let me rest here at your sideHave faith and trustIn peace she saidAnd filled my heart with lifeThere is no strength in numbersHave no such misconceptionBut when you need meBe assured I won't be far awayThus having spoke she turned awayAnd though I found no words to sayI stood and watched until I sawHer black coat disappearMy labour is no easierBut now I know I'm not aloneI find new heart each timeI think upon that windy dayAnd if one day she comes to youDrink deeply from her words so wiseTake courage from herAs your prizeAnd say hello from me

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:05:20
Автор: BIELIKfilm
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